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Applied Fusion was one of the first shops in the United States to integrate Electron Beam welding into the job shop industry.


In the mid-1970’s Applied Fusion began pioneering a new movement that would take standard, conventional fabricated component welding methods and technologies to a new and much higher level.


Applied Fusion was established and ready to go when the semiconductor industry began to develop. We immediately began assisting engineers with new welding methods that allowed designers to create components that were once not possible. Today, Applied Fusion provides Electron Beam services for all industries that require high-end, highly reliable welding and brazing requirements. We commonly work with all alloys including Inconel/Hastalloy and refractory metals such as Titanium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Niobium and Tungsten.


Applied Fusion‘s highly skilled Electron Beam welding team has over 100 years of combined experience. They work in unison, openly share techniques, constantly taking on new challenges while developing new applications and fine tuning older processes. Because AFI has full, complete, in-house manufacturing capabilities, designing and machining custom tooling and fixturing to compliment and streamline throughput is a daily activity saving our customers time and money. Applied Fusion’s Electron Beam facility is truly the gem and heart and soul of our company. It has earned worldwide recognition as an extremely competent and efficient shop for the major industries that demand our services.


Applied Fusion maintains an extremely competent Inspection and Quality Control team, fully trained to ISO Standards. Our Inspection Department employees have been with our company for years and understand today’s global standards. Supporting this team is our in-house ISO 9001:2008 specialist who is in constant sync with our production overseeing and maintaining our Quality Manual which is practical, process based and applicable to our daily functions.


Applied Fusion also offers metallurgical services with an in-house, highly experienced metallurgist/welding engineer. He and others are always available to work with customers to help assist in material selection, address metallurgy issues, joint design, stress analysis and anything else related to the vast foreign world of welding metallurgy.


This value-added service enables customers to confine their efforts within one facility and to interface with us directly with all aspects of projects from the inception to the final results. Upon customer request, we can provide cross-sectioned coupons along with micrographs to expose penetration and weld quality, working closely with other testing laboratories that are in close proximity in case there is a need for additional non-destructive and destructive testing.


Applied Fusion specializes in vacuum components and pressure vessels. We have leak checking facilities in various areas to provide immediate leak teasing and flow testing services. Our technicians have extensive knowledge in vacuum and pressure technology and continuously keep our equipment calibrated and maintained.


These services are used throughout the manufacturing processes of products and are certified upon completion. Our machine shop is always available to fabricate any tooling that may be required to perform leak check and flow check tasks safely and efficiently.





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