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The complete machining capabilities at Applied Fusion were established to provide for a wide variety of manufactured parts and assemblies. With a large manual shop and an even larger CNC shop, our capabilities are quite unique in that we are able to specialize in R&D / Prototype work that most shops of similar size are incapable of, with the flexibility to advance these into production requirements.


We thrive on challenges, working with a vast array of manufacturing engineers in assisting to design parts that are not only manufacturable, but completed in the most cost efficient manner. Our Senior Manufacturing Representatives are hands-on managers tasked with coordinating your job, starting with the procurement of material all the way to shipping out the final product. We work in a variety of fields, and in combination with AFI’s welding departments, specialize in building vacuum chambers and welded assemblies of most any material required.


The manual shop at Applied Fusion is staffed by a diverse crew of journeyman machinists, experienced in all facets of manufacturing, backed up with 40 years worth of tooling and equipment.


Applied Fusion maintains an extremely competent Inspection and Quality Control team, fully trained to ISO Standards. Our Inspection Department employees have been with our company for years and understand today’s global standards. Supporting this team is our in-house ISO 9001:2008 specialist who is in constant sync with our production overseeing and maintaining our Quality Manual which is practical, process based and applicable to our daily functions.


Applied Fusion’s Inspection Department is clean, well organized with all of the calibrated tools necessary to assure quality throughout production up to Final Inspection Reports. In addition to having detailed manufacturing and inspection procedures for most parts, our Inspection Team works closely with the Project Manager establishing supplemental detailed check lists for features or items that can be commonly missed or “gray” areas. These lists are basically used to assure overall workmanship and cosmetics as well.


Should a customer’s work not require Electron Beam welding services or precision CNC machining, we are always ready to utilize traditional fabrication methods. Our skilled welders provide high quality TIG welding applications for Vacuum Chambers and apparatus as well as structural components.


Our unique approach to manufacturing allows us to encourage our customer’s R&D efforts, along with their production requests.







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