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Our Services

Electron Beam Welding

Applied Fusion’s Electron Beam welding machines are monitored with precise power control, allowing single-pass welding of metals. Costly weld preps are not required. Heat sinks and other obstructions can be in very close proximity to the weld.

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Laser Welding, Cutting & Drilling

Applied Fusion has been working with LASERs since the late 1970’s. We pioneered LASER applications and have integrated them into the job shop environment, opening up many new possibilities that were once not achievable with conventional methods.

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Full Machining & Fabrication

With a large manual shop and an even larger CNC shop, our capabilities are quite unique in that we are able to specialize in R&D / Prototype work that most shops of similar size are incapable of, with the flexibility to advance these into production requirements.

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