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About Us


Applied Fusion Inc, a family owned business, was founded in 1972 by Ron Musgrove who had a strong desire to provide practical manufacturing services for a variety of industries and created a business that prides itself on building both general and complex projects and developing long-term business relationships within its strong customer base. Having no tolerance for inefficiencies and red tape, he built a strong employee base with some of the best craftspeople in the industry; many of whom now have a 15-25 year plus tenure-ship.


 Over time, Applied Fusion has positioned itself to be a world leader in LASER and Electron Beam welding technologies, integrating these crafts into standard and advanced manufacturing methods. These services have resulted in producing unmatched quality and performance


Our employees are some of the most talented, hardworking, and creative in the industry. Being exposed to a wide variety of challenges over the years, gives them a tremendous amount of combined experience. Long-term dedicated employees with a very low turnover rate gives Applied Fusion its competitive advantage over other shops. Our employees understand the value of maintaining a friendly, respectful, and cohesive work environment and believe in openly sharing information, skills, and ideas. This philosophy results in creative manufacturing, team work, high productivity, and excellent customer service.



Our managers have extensive backgrounds in the welding and machining trades giving them the ability to understand all aspects of welding manufacturing of all materials including refractory materials. They write detailed manufacturing procedures, design complex tooling, interface with customers on technical matters, and most importantly, can properly and concisely communicate with the craftsmen on the floor. Problem solving is second nature to them.


Applied Fusion prides itself on immediate quote responses treating every job and task with urgency. There is no tolerance for lax responses to customer communications. Someone is always available to meet with individuals, take calls, and address emails. We run a tight operation and feel this is vital so our customers do not have to wait for responses to engineering, production, or scheduling issues. Qualified senior employees are capable of making engineering , production, scheduling decisions in an expeditious manner.


Applied Fusion keeps up with the latest technology, encourages education and is continually upgrading and improving. We are never complacent. Everyone understands that constant advancement, difficult projects, and new challenges are what give us our competitive edge and worldwide recognition.

“Applied Fusion’s skilled machinists and welders consistently provided us with quality work delivered on schedule. Jeff and his team are always professional in the manner they conduct business and I highly recommend their services.”


Ron Simms
Clean Energy Systems
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